We had a wild first week in our Racist of the Year Tournament (sponsored by Obolon)! Find out who survived the first round, as we review the coming week's matchups. Ron got mixed up in the dirty underbelly of Philly politics, Biden got mixed up in finger-nibbling, and we discuss the Democrat's Impeachment Report. We air beefs, give our NFL Locks of the Week, and we both made it through The Irishman!

Previously unavailable to the public, it's our live show from this year's Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Recorded at Tattooed Mom on South Street, we have the audience choose our Drink of the Week, talk about weird news, answer listener questions, and we have a special appearance by fellow podcaster, Jack Billings! We also debut our new song, Who Are We Gonna Vote For?, which (sadly) is still relevant.

The season you've been waiting for is finally here - the 2019 Racist of the Year Tournament (sponsored by Obolon)! See who the Bracketology Committee picked as the worst individuals of the year, and then your votes decide who moves on! Ron & Brian took Manhattan by storm this weekend while seeing Dave Hill and Witch Taint. Michael Bloomberg entered the presidential race, Biden continues to put his foot in his mouth, Trump got involved in the Navy's business, and we discuss the Celebrity Obituaries of the week. Looking for NFL Locks of the Week, Drink of the Week, and Beef of the Week? We got those too!

Unlike the man himself, the Epstein story just won't die. Prince Andrew had a cringe-worthy interview about Epstein, and the guards that were supposed to be watching over him were arrested this week. Our NFL Locks of the Week continue to be perfect, we review the Netflix documentary series "Devil Next Door", and Ron sees if Brian can Guess That Singer. Ron hates gambling, Brian hates being told to go F himself, and, oh yeah, there's the whole Impeachment thing that's going on.

Ron is on the road again - this time it's Sin City! We discuss why he's there, and why he was listening to a speech by Colin Powell. We've got two new competitors in This Week In Racism, Disney+ is so hot right now, and since we can't go a week without talking Trump, we talk about last week's Election Day and the start of the impeachment hearings! Beef of the Week leads to some in-depth discussion, and, of course, there's drinking!

This week, Ron was on another continent and Brian was incontinent. This Week In Racism makes a triumphant return, Mike Bloomberg might run for President, and T.I. is way too interested in his daughter's hymen. We've got more NFL Locks of the Week, Twitter employees spied for Saudi Arabia, and we review Celebrity Obituaries. On top of that, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, and we drink and we beef!

Sports is on tap this week, with the firing at the Astros, the flashing at the Nationals, and the booing at the Trump. If that isn't enough, we also give you our patented NFL Locks of the Week! We review two new Netflix releases - Tell Me Who I Am and Dolemite Is My Name. Katie Hill had to resign, and Joe Biden still can't figure out the internet. We also have Celebrity Obits and your weekly favorites!

Pierre Delecto isn't just a lurker account, it's a state of mind. We discuss this, as well as what the best pseudonym in viral history is. Mark Zuckerberg was back in front of Congress, we lost more celebrities in the past week, and we give you our latest NFL Locks of the Week. We give relationship advice to one of our listeners, your weekly favorites are here, and we play our newest game, Name That Turnover!

Don't double-book yourself - you'll want to make sure you're here to listen to the whole episode! Brian doesn't understand what's so bad about Christopher Columbus, we review El Camino, and discuss some stories that show you how not to catch a predator. Trump wrote a ridiculous letter to the president of Turkey, and also decided to torment a family from the UK. Racism was back in full swing this past week, a Philly professor spent federal funds on strip clubs, and we read a touching listener email about our NFL Picks of the week. Ron and Brian both have beefs with baseball while they enjoy some appropriate drinks for the fall. 

Like most of America, Ron went to see the Joker movie this weekend, and he's got his no-holds-barred review! We also review the new Life of Agony album, The Sound of Scars. Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria, and it looks like we might be pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty as well. We continue our unbeaten streak with our Locks of the Week, and give you our picks for this coming weekend's games! Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, Amber Guyger got sentenced, we grade this week's deaths, and we give you your weekly favorites as well!

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