The Canada mass shooting distracted us a bit, but then we got back into our coronavirus groove! Trump punished the head of BARDA, a pastor almost ran over a protestor with a church bus, and an Ohio man who said that COVID-19 was a political ploy ended up dying from it. People protested their states being shut down, a basketball tournament ended up being a cesspool of disease, and Mayor DeBlasio ended up with way more dick pics than he was expecting! We finally have a contender in This Week In Racism, our DOTW week intern is still missing, and we air our beefs!

Bringing you the most important news of the day - that's right, we give you an update on how both of our quarantine beards are coming along! Lots of pro wrestling this week, between The Big Show Show, the Dark Side of the Ring, and the passing of WWF/WWE legend Howard Finkel. Netflix put out a new Tiger King episode, so you know we had no choice but to watch it. The Guide for Opening America is here, but some churches never closed, and their death count keeps rising! There were big losses this week in Celebrity Obits, and all of your weekly favorites too!

Top of the world, ma! Our 100th episode almost makes you forget about the global pandemic raging right outside your front door! Our Drink of the Week intern took some bad presidential medical advice, we discuss how we're spending our days in self-isolation, and we air our Beefs of the Week. Our long-awaited review of 90 Day Fiancé is finally here, and we talk about what else we're watching to make the endless hours go by! Of course, coronavirus talk is back - Boris Johnson has it, a Rochester man gave it to his pregnant wife, and it caused a Shootout at Sheetz! We review the celebrity obits for the week, as well as giving ourselves a huge pat on the back for 100 amazing episodes!

There's so much horribleness in the world right now - let us help you escape for an hour or so! Everyone is hooked on Netflix's Tiger King, and we're no exception! We give you our thoughts on the Documentary of the Minute, as well as that horrible person, Carole Baskin. We can't escape the coronavirus, so we discuss how politicians and religious leaders are adding to the body count. Celebrity obits are also here, many of them coming from COVID-19. Your weekly favorites are here too, and Brian can't stop talking about those fork lifts!

Brian might have a touch of the COVID-19, but he wanted to make sure you were all entertained! We've got beefs, racism, and a shocking Drink of the Week from PBR. You (literally) can't escape coronavirus wherever you go, and we're no exception! Spring Breakers spread it amongst themselves, GOP Senators profited from it, and Trump pivoted on it. Listen to our new commercial to hear how to win a Ron & Brian baseball cap, and we say good bye to the legendary Kenny Rogers!

We're socially distanced and bringing you entertainment in these troubling times! This Week In Racism makes a return, and of course we've got our drinks and our beefs. Coronavirus is the topic once again, as everything that brings joy is getting canceled or postponed! Kenneth Copeland prayed for us, Jim Bakker got sued for trying to cure us, and we promote the new Ron & Brian Coronavirus Supplement. All this, and we premiere our new song parody, "My Corona"!

Super Tuesday lived up to his name, and we break it down for you, while Liz Warren breaks into our podcast studio again. Coronavirus continued to dominate the news, Spike Lee went head-to-head with the Knicks, and we tell you how to become rich in our Really Angry Money segment! Your weekly favorites are here, and we talk Celebrity Obituaries!

There was yet another Democratic debate this week, while Ron did the smart thing and went to see the Trump vs. Bernie comedy tour instead! The coronavirus keeps sticking around - what are the chances you'll get it, and what are the chances it'll kill you? In addition to your weekly favorites, we also discuss the Kobe & Gianna Bryant memorial and the Wilder-Fury fight. What Are You Watching makes a return - did Liz Warren come back as well? Listen and find out!

There's no debate about it - Elizabeth Warren was on fire in Vegas! We discuss the latest Democratic Debate, Roger Stone's sentencing, and the latest presidential pardons. Anchorage Brewing makes a return in Drink of the Week, we crown a winner in This Week In Racism, and air our beefs! We pay our respects to celebrities we lost this past week, and talk TV in What Are You Watching?

The Drink of the Week poll may be finally fixed, but this week's winner definitely needs some help. Coronavirus keep hanging around, as does Mike Bloomberg! The New Hampshire Primary actually had a winner, Ron settled up his Super Bowl Prop Bet loss, and the DOJ may or may not have been swayed by Donald Trump's tweets. Mike Bloomberg keeps spending money on his campaign, we discuss what we're watching, and your other weekly favorites are here too!

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