We'd love to be able to stop talking about coronavirus one of these weeks, so wear a damn mask! Brian got us a very unwoke sponsor, the Washington Redskins are changing their name, and more people are dying to find out that COVID isn't a hoax. We toast with our Drink of the Week, we air our beefs, and there's still more and more racism out there!

Unfortunately, This Week In Racism keeps getting bigger and bigger each week. We also discuss the recent Supreme Court rulings and the fallout from the Trump Tulsa Rally. There's more coronavirus news, drinking, beefing, and we manage to sneak in a couple of celebrity obituaries too!

Coronavirus cases are rising again, and so are the number of COVID news stories to talk about, including the youth of Tuscaloosa attending COVID parties. Donald Trump does an about-face on masks, and may or may not have been briefed on Russian bounty payments. We talk about What We're Watching, and our happiness that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested! We lost some greats in Celebrity Obituaries, and your weekly favorites are here too!

This episode, we welcome 2022 Florida Senate candidate, Carlos Barberena. We discuss his background, the state of Florida (and the nation), and his upcoming campaign against incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio. We review the new John Bolton book and talk about our excursion to the somewhat reopened Coney Island. Looking for your favorite weekly bits? We've got those too!

We bring back Our Horrible History so Brian can learn about Juneteenth and the Tulsa Race Massacre. Brian talks about donating his plasma, and quizzes Ron on the Coronavirus risk factors of outdoor activities. We bring back Drink of the Week, Beef of the Week, and, yes, This Week In Racism. Atlanta police killed Rayshard Brooks, which leads to discussing Defund the Police.

We throw away the usual format to discuss what's been going on in America the last couple of weeks. Protests over the death of George Floyd have taken place in all 50 states, and around the world. The police have been responding to accusations of brutality with more brutality. The LA Police Commission has been holding Zoom meetings, but probably regret that choice. We play clips of black voices speaking their truth, and we discuss the future of This Week in Racism.

This week we're joined by Ron & Brian Senior News Correspondent, Scott K., to give us the conservative point of view on today's issues! We discuss This Week In Racism, Amy Cooper, and the Minneapolis Killer Cops. We also talk about the Trump Administration, the pandemic, and Gov. Cuomo. If you're looking for fair and balanced, you've found it here! We also have Drink of the Week and Beef of the Week, so buckle up and listen!

As areas around the country start to re-open, some are finding that's not a great idea. Churches are finding you can't pray the COVID away, 5 sailors seem to have been re-infected, lockdown protests may have helped to spread the disease, and the coronavirus really seems to hate obese people! A German soccer club has found a unique way to fill seats, Aunt Becky is going to do some hard time, and Ron explains to Brian what the hell the Snyder Cut of Justice League is. We discuss What We're Watching, This Week In Racism makes its unfortunate return, and we had way too many celebrity deaths again this week!

Just like all of the cool kids, we're getting into the game show world! Ron and his wife take on two celebrity couples in our version of the classic Newlywed Game. Unfortunately, legal issues prevented us from playing the celebrity audio, but see how Ron and his wife fared!

Brian fought corona, and corona didn't win! The toughest man in podcasting tells you about his amazing antibodies, while we update you on the latest COVID stories. COVID may be causing Kawasaki disease symptoms in kids, Singapore is relying on robot dogs to handle social distancing, and we discuss the pros and cons of tracing. People of color are getting arrested the most fo COVID-related issues in NYC (shocking), a NYC tourist who lost her legs got to go home with the 'rona, and we have a cavalcade of celebrity obits to go through! Former WWE superstar Alberto del Rio got himself into some trouble, and we talk about the final episodes of Dark Side of the Ring. All this, and your weekly favorites!

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