Brian started his Independence Day celebrating early with our Drink of the Week! Trump is taking over July 4th and the 2020 Census, we check the polls after the first Democratic debates, and we discuss Hunter Biden. We lost some athletes and celebrities this week, and Lee Iacocca gets one of Brian's famous Slow Jam obituaries! This Week In Racism is back, we talk about our beefs, and we review Brian's recent trip to Philly. Grab your own gin & juice and enjoy!

Night 1 of the Democratic Debates was as exciting as we could have hoped and we decirte nuestros pensamientos! Brian attended the Yankees Old Timers Game and survived the Lightning Round, as we discuss how horrible Alabama continues to be. Ron's got issues with Kickstarter, Brian is sober and on antibiotics, and This Week In Racism has another #1 seed! All this, and we say goodbye to celebrities we lost this week.

We learned this week not to cough in front of Trump or Ron - you've been warned! Our Horrible History looks back at Operation Wetback, our country's last mass deportation initiative. We lost Gloria Vanderbilt, but Brian wasn't at a loss at words for her Slow Jam Obituary! New York is issuing driver licenses to illegal immigrants, we follow up on what's going on in the Dominican Republic, and discuss Juneteenth and reparations. Looking for your weekly favorites? We got those too!

We lost two music legends this week - Dr. John and Bushwick Bill - but only one of them can get Brian's patented Slow Jam Obituary! We also release our latest soon-to-be-hit single, Fly Me To The Moon. Alabama approved chemical castration, the Dominican Republic isn't safe for visitors or natives, and we've got the first sentencing in the College Admissions Scandal! Jon Stewart took Congress to task, the world trolls Trump before his birthday, and we discuss the current field of Democratic Presidential Candidates before this month's debates. This Week In Racism gets a shakeup, Drink of the Week is roll-your-own, and beefs are aired. You can't stop the music, and you can't stop Ron & Brian!

Trump and the family circus took their act on the road to the UK this week, and we've got thoughts (but no prayers). Save your prayers for the members of the Catholic Church we profile! We update the Kevin Spacey case, read Celebrity Obituaries, and talk about the masturbating GOPer. We discuss the Parkland deputy arrest, and all of your weekly favorites!

We've got exciting news about our inclusion in the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! (Hopefully they'll be as excited when they receive our performance rider) We've got a new edition of Our Horrible History, Michael Wolff has a new Trump book, and Jon Snow knows rehab. Brian slow jams Bill Buckner as well as Buckner handled ground balls, and we also say goodbye to Bart Starr. There's a Missouri GOP rep that likes abusing his wife, we toast with summer beers, and Brian has a costly beef this week. Don't forget to also listen and vote for This Week In Racism!

There are a number of states passing new anti-abortion laws, but are they really about the children? (Spoiler alert: they're not) We look at these states and how they fail children once they come out of the womb. We review the Game of Thrones finale and find out who won our GoT pool. (Spoiler alert, pt. 2: Ron) The Lightning Round makes a return, as does Michael Avenatti, and we've got more celebrity obituaries. Morehouse College grads got the best graduation present possible, Trump is pardoning more war criminals, and Howard Stern Comes Again. Looking for your weekly favorites? They're here too!

Brian and Ron were out at the Life of Agony show at Broken Goblet Brewing, while Ron made it weird for everyone involved. We drink craft beer in honor of our friends at B-Gob, we beef it up for Beef of the Week, and we hit the reset button on This Week In Racism! Lots of people died on Game of Thrones, and Brian lets you know who died in real life in Celebrity Obituaries. We update the Build The Wall GoFundMe, and we introduce our new segment, Our Horrible History! How horrible? Well, how horrible does a massacre over bananas sound? Listen and find out!

We start year two by doing what we do best - bringing the people of the world back together! Ron geeks out over the new Spider Man:Far From Home trailer, while Brian's got issues with the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The Kentucky Derby winner got DQ'd, Facebook and Twitter are banning right wingers, and states are going after Trump's taxes with new ballot laws. All this, and did we mention we have a new theme song for Drink of the Week? Cheers!

How better to celebrate our one year anniversary than with a super-sized episode! The champagne is flowing as we update our Game of Thrones pool, review our accomplishments over the past year and discuss our goals for the coming one, and talk about all of the celebrities that passed this week. Cliven Bundy is back in the news (but not for the reasons you might think), there were more mass shootings, AG Barr told his version of the truth to Congress, and Rick Schroder seems to have a domestic abuse problem. We also have a number of celebrity shoutouts to congratulate us. If you only listen to one episode this year, this is the one!

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