Ron explains to Brian about the current baby formula shortage, Brian explains to Ron about the recent plunge in cryptocurrency, and neither can explain what the new Madonna NFTs are about. Elon Musk's deal for Twitter is on hold, the escaped Alabama inmate is captured, and Norm Macdonald has one final standup show coming out at the end of the month. All this, along with Drink of the Week, Beef of the Week, and Celebrity Obits!

Hard to believe it's been 4 years already! We celebrate with some light topics, like the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the war in Ukraine, and Putin's medical conditions. Politics are also front and center, as we analyze the Madison Cawthorn tape and discuss the GOP candidate accused of killing his wife that still won his primary! We tell you What We're Watching and talk about Dave Chappelle's attacker.

It was a crazy week, with Dr. Fauci saying the pandemic is and isn't over, Elon Musk finalizing a deal to buy Twitter, and a We Build The Wall founder admitting to stealing money. A NYC tenant is blocking a condo project, a family got scammed by ordering room service, and we said goodbye to Naomi Judd. We talk about who more deserves people sending their money to them - a 6-year-old boy who was burned by a bully, or Bhad Bhabie. Domestic abuse is also a big topic, as we discuss the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial and the suspension of MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer.

Ron has a legit Beef of the Week this episode - can you guess where his Jeep is? Florida gave us tons of content this week, between unsafe drivers, a 420-friendly bride, Bhad Barbie, and some pettiness towards Disney. Jesse Watters admitted to some light stalking, a couple of Russian Oligarchs died under suspicious circumstances, and Tennessee is passing a law we might actually be able to get behind! The world of sports brought us a pitcher tackling a hitter, an MMA fighter pinching in a bad place, and Mike Tyson beating someone up on a plane. All this and Celebrity Obits too!

Despite inappropriate comments from one of our YouTube viewers, we managed to bring you a great episode! Jussie Smollett released a new song, Eddie Deezen got arrested again, and a woman had a crappy excuse for causing a fatal car accident. We discuss the NYC Subway Shooting, a Brazilian man celebrated the lifting of a mask mandate in a strange way, and we review a COVID study that may have been a tad bit biased. We also brought your weekly favorites and said goodbye to a legendary comic in Celebrity Obits!

COVID makes yet another triumphant return to our list of topics! Florida also continues to give us great stories, with a strip club worker using a tragedy to get noticed and a group of teens that thought it was a good idea to shoot at each other. A man almost lost his penis (if only he used Manscaped), Albert Pujols decided to divorce his sick wife, and Cadbury's Creme Eggs are even more disgusting than we thought! The Texas Abortion Law gets put to the test, Spain protects women getting abortion from harassment, and Ezra Miller can't seem to keep from getting the police called on them. We've got a new mascot and a new bit - Who Blocked Brian?

We celebrate Episode 200 with 0% Will Smith/Chris Rock content! We discuss Bruce Willis' retirement and give our Mt. Rushmore of his movies. A Nebraska state senator gave false comments about furries, Madison Cawthorn was equally stupid, and we see was misconceptions Americans have about majority and minority groups. Ron DeSantis got a really bad campaign song from Lynyrd Skynyrd, a high school track runner got sucker-punched, and we have a final follow-up from the Philadelphia Homeless Vet Scam story. All this, as well as Celebrity Obits and What Are You Watching?

Ron's back from the Bahamas, and he's got corrections from last week's solo show from Brian! On top of his vacation recap, we've got an update on Ukraine and an in-depth dive into the RaDonda Wright story. NYC is scaling back its vaccine mandate for a select few, a Philly woman repped herself as the "Best Drunk Driver Ever", and we have a follow-up on the Oklahoma political candidate that had a number of party fouls at a girls' sleepover. A LA woman tried standup at a movie theater, and it was an especially sad week in Celebrity Obituaries. 

He may only own 49% of the podcast, but this episode is 100% Brian! He takes the reins while Ron slacks off on vacation this week. This super-sized episode gives you a look inside Brian's head, and the world may not be ready for it! 

We say goodbye to our Hall of Fame mascot, Paisley. Also, Obama has COVID, Pfizer needs a 4th shot, and we bring back Racism Rewind to wrap up one of the stories we covered in 2021. The war in Ukraine continues, continues to be horrible at layoffs, and Jussie Smollett continues to say he's innocent! We discuss a new weekly bit we'll be rolling out at the end of the month, who Ron would or wouldn't perform CPR on, and what our Candy Bar Mount Rushmores are. Spring Breakers got some bad cocaine, Saudi Arabia had it biggest public execution ever, and we visit our local Facebook groups to see what's been posted this past week!

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