The Trump Administration ended with a whimper, not a bang, and Sleepy Joe rolled into the White House on the backs of subpar musical performances! We discuss that, as well as the COVID stories of the week. Choose how you make your money - either through our NFL Locks of the Week or our Stock Picks. All this along with Drink of the Week, This Week In Racism, and Beef of the Week!

SPOILER ALERT! We discuss our likes and dislikes for Season 3 of Cobra Kai. A new year means a look back on our predictions for 2020 and new predictions for 2021! There's continued fallout from the Capital raid, Celebrity Obituaries, NFL picks, and much, much more!

Your two week drought is over - we're back from holiday break! We talk with the winner of the 2020 Death Pool and discuss the picks for this year's pool. We talk about What We're Watching, some Celebrity Obits, your weekly favorites, and NFL Locks of the Week! Oh yeah, and there was that whole takeover of the US Capital too.

It's our Annual Christmas Extravaganza! With special Cameo appearances by Danny Bonaduce, Jim Norton, Fred Stoller, and EDP445! We discuss the latest relief package from Congress, the US teen jailed in the Cayman Islands for breaking quarantine, and the COVID patient that died on a United Flight. Brian battles a special holiday edition of the Lightning Round, and we record Cameos to each other! Think there wasn't time for your weekly favorites? Think again - they're all here too!

Consider this episode your early Christmas gift! We roll out two new bits - Who Costs More On Cameo? and What Does Brian Know? You'll be shocked at what you learn! We forced ourselves to watch The Grinch Musical, which leads to a Ron rant, and we've got some great clips from Tom Cruise and Smokey Robinson. We've got your weekly favorites and some corrections too!

Everything's coming up COVID yet again! We discuss PA's new restrictions, a case in South Korea shows how dangerous indoor dining can be, and Florida's governor went full Gestapo on a COVID whistleblower. We review What We're Watching, there were a lot of Celebrity Obits, and Brian tests out some new bits! We've got NFL Locks of the Week and your other weekly favorites too!

The only thing weirder than the monoliths popping up around the world was Melissa Carone's testimony in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee. There may be no voter fraud, but that hasn't stopped Trump from cashing in on it! If you traveled for Thanksgiving, you've probably got the 'Rona, a Kentucky mayor had a hard time navigating a White Castle drive-thru, justice wasn't really served in the Bob Kraft masseuse case, and the world was introduced to Elliot Page. All this, plus Celebrity Obits, NFL Locks of the Week, and more!


We're thankful for being able to bring you another great episode! We break down the Trump lawsuits and see why they are currently 1-35, and talk about Ricky Schroder helping to bail out Kyle Rittenhouse. We continue to be perfect with our NFL Locks of the Week, and we review our Really Angry Money segment from back in March to see how good Ron's stock picks were! (Spoiler alert: He's awesome) We've got Celebrity Obits, What We're Watching, and your weekly favorites as well!

The only thing worse than Rudy's lawyering is his choice of hair dyes! We review his first time in Federal Court in 30 years (spoiler alert: it didn't go well) and his insane RNC press conference. Election Day still won't end, Trump could have won Georgia if he didn't scare them on mail-in voting, and the GSA won't turn the reins over to President-elect Biden. Coronavirus cases are spiking, so we have no choice but to talk about it again! We give you all this, plus Drink of the Week, This Week in Racism, Beef of the Week, and get ready to bet the house on our NFL Locks of the Week!

If you voted 500 or more times in the Presidential Election, you got a bottle of Biden Blue! Ron and Brian toast each other while discussing the election results and the party in downtown Philly for the Biden victory. We talk about fraud, transition, and the future of the country! Celebrity obits are on tap too, as we say good bye to one of the all-time great, Alex Trebek! NFL Locks and all your other weekly favorites are here too!

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