We may have moved the show to Sundays, but we're still bringing Thursday quality! A Miami Bitcoin convention turned into a super spreader event, someone stole blank vaccine cards, and the pandemic may have wiped out a couple of flu strains. The FBI caught a bunch of criminals with a fake app, a story about a Texas bakery gets really bad and then really good, and a cop decided to flip a pregnant woman's car! Ellie Kemper apologized, we have a quick stonk update, and we said goodbye to a bunch of celebrities. Oh yeah, and 13 minutes of racism too.

One week of Hot Podcaster Summer down, many sexy weeks to go! This week we discuss Hat Store Nazis, flying without alcohol, and whether Ellie Kemper should be canceled or not. Brian breaks out a post-pandemic version of F/Marry/Kill, and karma struck down some boaters harassing people for their pride flag! We lost a number of celebrities this week, and Ron's water broke on top of that!

Hope you all are ready for #HotPodcasterSummer! We roll it out this episode, along with Stephen Colbert returning to a full audience, NYC students returning to in-person classes, and the reopening of Radio City Music Hall. There's a cabin in Montana that doesn't want vaccinated people, Texas wants everyone to have a handgun, and yet Florida is still the worst state! John Cena apologizes to China, someone spent way too much bitcoin on pizza, the Mayor of Rochester thinks being arrested for coke and guns is a political ploy, and Ron explains the Garbage Plate to Brian. Speaking of Brian, we get an update on his knee, and we have all of your weekly favorites too!

Our highlight this week is an interview with DC Glenn from legendary hip hop duo Tag Team - it's a must listen! We also have Celebrity Obits and everyone's favorite new segment, What Would Ron Do? Top that off with Drink of the Week, This Week In Racism, and Beef of the Week, and you have one hell of an episode!

We're starting year 3 with a vengeance! We've got new CDC guidelines about masks, Liz Cheney got knocked down by the GOP, and another edition of What Would Ron Do? Our Horrible History discusses the MOVE bombing from 1985, there's gas shortages along the East Coast, and that whole thing going on in Gaza. Want more? There's Corrections, What Are You Watching, and Ellen Degeneres is leaving her show! 

Three years and we're still going strong! Brian gives his post-COVID reviews of Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Citizens Bank Park. Large noses = large penises, cops straight-up killed a baby, and a college pitcher gets his arm stolen! We bring back What Would Ron Do? for another week, Buzzfeed lists crappy popular baby names from around the world, and we play videos celebrating our third year from Jackie the Joke Man, Danhausen, and our favorite new listener, Athena!

India is seeing record COVID numbers, which leads us to revisit an interview from last August, and Brian attends his own super spreader event. We debut What Would Ron Do?, Gender Reveal parties continue to be stupid and dangerous, and embarrassing NRA hunting footage is revealed! We're one week away from our 3rd Anniversary, we've got Stonk updates, and we announce our affiliation with NXT LVL hydrogen water. NXT LVL - the only thing more refreshing than listening to Ron & Brian!

Derek Chauvin got the verdict he deserved, but that still doesn't help Ma'Khia Bryant and Andrew Brown. Kyle Rittenhouse's donors were exposed, we're looking for your videos for our 3rd Anniversary, and we change Beef of the Week to honor Earth Day! We lost some big names in Celebrity Obits, and we share our post-death letters. What Are You Watching reviews two documentaries - Sound of Scars and WeWork - and we give you another Stonk update!

This Week In Racism had way too many entries yet again, and we take a deep dive into the killing of Daunte Wright in Minnesota. Coronavirus and vaccines stories are being turned into clickbait, Texas is somehow surviving without masks, and we lost some greats this past week in Celebrity Obits! We review the HBO Max docuseries, Q: Into The Storm, and talk about how it reflects the worst of our country right now. Looking for Drink of the Week and Beef of the Week? We got those too!

We're at 150 episodes, and this is a huge one! A guy spent $15K on a Disney World vacation just to get arrested, Dr. Drew commented on vaccine passports and showed why he's a horrible doctor, and a woman wanted to shoot her husband for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Paul Pierce had some fun and got fired from ESPN, sometimes people die when eating tacos, and we talk about What We're Watching! We've got drinks, beefs, racism...and a dog stroller? Listen and find out!

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