Find out why Episode 188 is missing from YouTube! We've got a woman who threatened to bring a gun to a mask fight, Sleepy Joe is handing out free COVID tests and masks, Brian reminds us that he is a COVID OG, and China is bringing back the popular anal swabs. Gary Chambers smoked a blunt in a campaign ad, a Georgia sheriff went too far with sex offenders, and Joss Whedon is still a horrible person. We discuss our love of TikTok, and we have another first in Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week!

Alan Robert

We're joined by Life of Agony's Alan Robert, who talks to us about the band's upcoming tour, NFTs, Monster Chompers, The Beauty of Terror, and more! Novak Djokovic got bounced out of Australia without even playing a match, a guy wanted a COVID-positive escort, and are cruises a good or bad idea? Prince Andrew is now a commoner, we discuss Archive 81 and Peacemaker, and we've got all of your weekly favorites too!

This week, we learned what could go wrong when jumping a subway turnstile or covering yourself with hand sanitizer before being tasered. We lost Bob Saget and Sidney Poitier, we attended AEW Wrestling, and we have an unprecedented 3-way Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week! AB scored off the field the night before his final game with Tampa Bay, a gambler cashed out on a parlay before the big payoff, and a high school hockey player tragically lost his life during a game. On the COVID side, there's a case of Flurona, a cancer survivor lost her life due to someone lying about their vaccine status, Moderna says we need another booster in the fall, and AOC isn't just progressive, she's positive!

We ring in the New Year with a brand new episode! We review our 2021 Predictions, and then let you know what you can expect for the year ahead. Our Death Pool wrapped up, and Andrew H. was once again the winner! We have him on to discuss his win and review some of his picks for 2022. Antonio Brown decided to quit mid-game, local Facebook groups are always good for a laugh, and there's still that whole COVID thing going on. All this, plus NFL Locks of the Week, Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week, and What Are You Watching?

Den of COVID

Welp, COVID is everywhere again! We're seeing cancellations of Broadway plays and College Bowl games, Trump is booed for supporting vaccines, sperm counts are down, and Israel is pushing a 4th shot. Brian is quizzed on how well he remembers 2021, we discuss Celebrity Obits and the updated standings of our Death Pool, and we talk about What Are You Watching? Kim Potter got convicted, AEW kicked out a transphobe, and we've got all of your weekly favorites too!

We dedicate this episode to the memory of Ron's mom! Omicron continues to sweep the globe, disrupting sports, Broadway shows, and Saturday Night Live. Super-spreader events are back in vogue, from Spanish Hospital Holiday Events to Taylor Swift Listening Parties! Armed Forces have started to kick out the unvaccinated, an appeals court is allowing the Biden Vaccine Mandate to move forward again, and we have a first in Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week! We discuss what we're watching, Jeff Darlin and Chris Noth got canceled, and we tell you all about our night at AEW. All of this, plus your weekly favorites and Celebrity Obits!

It's another week of COIVD and Omicron discussion, from Anime Conventions to fake vaccination cards to a COVID investigating committee. Another week also brought another school shooting, and another opportunity for Rep. Thomas Massie to show why he is a raging a-hole. A high school basketball player got arrested for a post-game punch, we find out What Would Ron Do?, and Celebrity Obits! Let the boy watch!

We discuss the hot new COVID variant that has everyone talking! Sharon Gilbert got hit on by a reptile alien, Seth Rollins got attacked by a fan, and Kid Rock rolled out some new really bad music. Watching Squid Game in North Korea will get you killed, Omicron beat up the stock market, and we tell you What We're Watching! All this long with our NFL Locks of the Week, Celebrity Obits, and Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the week.

We've got more NFL for you this week, between Locks of the Week and Zac Stacey showing what a horrible person he is. Paul Gosar got censured, Kyle Rittenhouse got acquitted, and a California couple chose stolen COVID funds over their kids. Booster shots are open to all now, Marilyn Manson gets even creepier, and we discuss What We're Watching! We've also got all of your weekly favorites, including Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week!

This is what happens when Drink of the Week goes wrong! Listen to Ron slur his words as we discuss COVID deaths getting redder, vaccination status keeping people apart at the holidays, and the always-popular Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week. We have a Lightning Round of Ron Answers the Internet, we discuss What We're Watching, and we give you our NFL Locks of the Week! We've got Corrections from the Astroworld Festival and the guy who killed her daughter's boyfriend, a female soccer star arrested for having her teammate beat up, and the Michigan AG that, like Ron, had too much to drink!

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