What Are We Watching? The new Dave Chappelle special and Halloween Kills - here our review of both! Moderna is the latest in the booster shot brigade, Merck has a pill that can help treat COVID, and J & J is like having water in your veins after 6 months. Herschel Walker had some bad PR in Texas, Smash Mouth needs a new lead singer, and the Rolling Stones have a song they're leaving off of their set list! We've got a bi Superman, Tom Cruise looks puffy, and Philly SEPTA trains are a dangerous place to be. Your weekly favorites are here, and don't forget we're one week away from the Dave Hill show!

We may have had one too many while seeing Zane Lamprey at Broken Goblet this week! But, we still managed to pull it together to give you a new episode. A man killed his brother for giving people the COVID-19 vaccine, Fauci gave the ok for trick-or-treating and getting together at Christmas, and we're just days away from the Dave Hill show at Ron's house! We give you our review of Squid Game, Midnight Mass, and The Many Saints of Newark. Don't forget all of your weekly favorites, including Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week and NFL Locks of the Week!

Love is in the air, as we celebrate the union of our friends, Marty and John! We've got our weekly dose of COVID stories, R. Kelly had a really bad week, and Americans killed each other at a really high rate in 2020. Celebrity obits lead to a discussion on shows and movies that made us cry, we talk dead anti-vaxxers, and we give you our NFL Locks of the Week! What Are You Watching highlights Jon Stewart, Midnight Mass, and Squid Game, David Lee Roth is calling it a career, and don't forget to buy your tickets for Dave Hill live in Ron's backyard!

When there's stories about subways and illegal massage parlors, that's when you know NYC is back, baby! Pfizer and J & J keep talking boosters shots, insurance companies aren't letting COVID patients slide anymore, and Eric Clapton broke his own concert rule. Elvira has a new book out, we discuss the Petco Park tragedy, we review Celebrity Obits, and we give you our NFL Locks of the Week! All this along with What Are You Watching? and everyone's favorite new bit, Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week!

Join us as we mourn the loss of one of the greats, Norm Macdonald, at the age of 61. COVID fills the news, with talk of Nicki Minaj's Cousin's Friend's Balls, the unvaxxed want a new name for themselves, the Hillsborough GOP lost the only guy who knew how to turn on the office computer, and 1 in 50 Americans have died from the coronavirus, including (of course) our Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week! We discuss What Are You Watching, while Brian shares his contempt for the new movie, Malignant, we give you our NFL Locks of the Week, the Alex Murdaugh story keeps getting wilder, and Eddie Deezen can't seem to keep himself out of trouble in restaurants.

Our vaccine mandate is in effect, and so is FauciVision! Those lucky enough to still be able to listen will hear us talk about the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 (and Nickelback), the South Carolina family that's having one of the worst years ever, the high school student with a 0.13 GPA, and Cesar Milan covering up for one of his killer dogs. COVID is still in full swing - there's an unvaccinated Rutgers student being kept from online classes, J & J recipients are feeling left out of the booster shot debate, Moderna continues to be awesome, Patton Oswalt canceled show in FL & UT, and PA is cracking down on docs handing out fake exemptions! All this, plus your weekly favorites, Celebrity Obits, and our NFL Locks!

Labor Day is here, and so, sadly, is the end of Hot Podcaster Summer. We tell our stories of survival during Hurricane Ida, Gene Simmons & Joe Rogan tested positive, people are still eating horse paste, and Texas and Florida are both horrible places to be if you're trying to avoid COVID. Bishop Sycamore scammed ESPN, we discuss What Are You Watching, and it's the return of our NFL Locks of the Week! Texas enacted a horrible abortion law, the states that ended unemployment benefits early saw a drop in spending, and we discuss the Celebrity Obits of the week.

Sleepy Joe tried to pass off Pfizer as the gold standard, but our loyal listeners know what the best vaccine is! There's way too many COVID stories again, from horse paste, to Delta charging unvaccinated employees more for health care, Eric Clapton has a crappy new anti-vac song, to people dying, to the sh*t show that is Florida. We also have our hot new segment, Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week! Ron explains the Spider Man trailer to Brian, we review Celebrity Obits, as well as all of your weekly favorites!

COVID continues to dominate the headlines - Lollapalooza wasn't a super-spreader event but Sturgis looks like it was, the New Orleans Saints want their fans to be vaccinated, the Governor of Washington is mandating all school workers to get the vaccine, an Alabama doctor is refusing the treat the non-vaccinated, and Cardinal Raymond Burke is in the ICU after being skeptical of the disease and the vaccine. Seems like the perfect time to roll out our new segment, Dead Anti-Vaxxer of the Week! Ron preps for his colonoscopy, our vaccine deadline is quickly approaching, and we discuss What Are You Watching? Brian also does a Lightning Round on Afghanistan, Matt Gaetz getting married, and Mike Richards resigning from Jeopardy!

Won't you think of the children? Many of them are quarantined already, 3 educators have died in Florida, and we're only 1 week into the school year! Those aren't our only COVID stories, as we discuss Moderna continuing to be the gold standard, a German nurse giving fake vaccine shots, a woman died from COVID after giving birth, and AEG & LiveNation are stealing our idea to require vaccinations. Afghanistan has already fallen to the Taliban, Cuomo has finally resigned, Ron Answers the Internet, and Horatio Sanz may be a sexual predator (allegedly)! We also cover a lot of new shows in What Are You Watching?

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