This Week In Racism had way too many entries yet again, and we take a deep dive into the killing of Daunte Wright in Minnesota. Coronavirus and vaccines stories are being turned into clickbait, Texas is somehow surviving without masks, and we lost some greats this past week in Celebrity Obits! We review the HBO Max docuseries, Q: Into The Storm, and talk about how it reflects the worst of our country right now. Looking for Drink of the Week and Beef of the Week? We got those too!

We're at 150 episodes, and this is a huge one! A guy spent $15K on a Disney World vacation just to get arrested, Dr. Drew commented on vaccine passports and showed why he's a horrible doctor, and a woman wanted to shoot her husband for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Paul Pierce had some fun and got fired from ESPN, sometimes people die when eating tacos, and we talk about What We're Watching! We've got drinks, beefs, racism...and a dog stroller? Listen and find out!

It was quite a week in politics, with the passing of G. Gordon Liddy, the return of Donald Trump, and that whole child trafficking thing with Matt Gaetz. We give you an update on our March Madness bet and our favorite stock, the J & J vaccine gave someone a nasty looking rash, and Jeff Lowe may or may not have been poisoned! Weed is now legal in New York, Peacock is cleaning up some old WWE content, and even though we try to be perfect, we've got Corrections!

Like the rest of the internet, we were transfixed with this week's saga of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy. We also discuss the Boulder shooting, a Peloton straight up killed a kid, and Joe Biden held his first press conference. Need more? Well, there's Celebrity Obits, an update on our March Madness bet, and COVID took out the head of the Texas Roadhouse. All that, along with drinks, beefs, and way too much racism!

We discuss the Atlanta spa shooting and the sheriff that chalked it up to someone having a bad day. Ron got his 2nd vaccine shot, which thankfully wasn't from Astra Zeneca! Brian apologizes for his behavior last week, we've got Florida stories aplenty, and it's time for March Madness! Wondering what we're watching? The final episode of the Woody/Mia doc, Kid 90, Nomadland, and Counterpart. Did we like them? Listen and find out!

Brian denies the vaccine rumors that people have been saying about him, and we give our review of each vaccine out there! We roll out our new segment, Who Got Canceled This Week, which includes Andrew Cuomo, Burger King UK, Les Miles, and Pepe Le Pew. A French student's lie got her teacher beheaded, we update you on stocks to hold and sell, and discuss this week's Celebrity Obits. Want more? We've also got What Are You Watching, with the latest episode of the Mia/Woody docuseries, the South Park Vaccination Special, Coming 2 America, and For All Mankind!

Andrew Cuomo and Chris D'Elia are both back in the news, and both are (allegedly) sexual predators! Shaq went through a table on AEW, stocks went through the floor, and students in Bolivia went through a railing. Brian reviews the second episode of the Woody & Mia docuseries, states are opening back up from the pandemic, and we've got Celebrity Obituaries too!

Brian's got a new toy to play with, and the show may never be the same! We check in on our penny stock recommendations from last week, and ex-US gymnastics coach offs himself, and the Trump taxes are finally in the hands of the NY attorneys. Dominion filed another lawsuit, an OK man decided that heart is the new other white meat, and an AZ man puts in a lot of effort to not have to work. All this, as well as El Chapo, The Boss, Johnny Damon, and the next Woody Allen/Mia Farrow documentary!

Rush Limbaugh passed away this week, and if you think we have some kind words for him...well, then it's like you don't know us at all. Ron got his first shot of the COVID vaccine, we've got some penny stocks to sell you, and we review Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Texas froze over, while Ted Cruz decided real leadership is done in warmer climates, and we mourn the loss of Prince Markie Dee.

If you're looking to get on Season 3 of The Mandalorian, there's now an opening thanks to Gina Corado's social media posts! We discuss her firing, which leads to Brian making Ron defend his tweets. Gorilla Glue was all the rage this past week, we discuss the Trump Impeachment, Part Deux, and talk about a possibly Robinhood-induced suicide. Congress lost it's first member to COVID, we have our Super Bowl wrap-up, and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dominate What We're Watching! All this, your weekly favorites, and Celebrity Obits too!

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