Pierre Delecto isn't just a lurker account, it's a state of mind. We discuss this, as well as what the best pseudonym in viral history is. Mark Zuckerberg was back in front of Congress, we lost more celebrities in the past week, and we give you our latest NFL Locks of the Week. We give relationship advice to one of our listeners, your weekly favorites are here, and we play our newest game, Name That Turnover!

Don't double-book yourself - you'll want to make sure you're here to listen to the whole episode! Brian doesn't understand what's so bad about Christopher Columbus, we review El Camino, and discuss some stories that show you how not to catch a predator. Trump wrote a ridiculous letter to the president of Turkey, and also decided to torment a family from the UK. Racism was back in full swing this past week, a Philly professor spent federal funds on strip clubs, and we read a touching listener email about our NFL Picks of the week. Ron and Brian both have beefs with baseball while they enjoy some appropriate drinks for the fall. 

Like most of America, Ron went to see the Joker movie this weekend, and he's got his no-holds-barred review! We also review the new Life of Agony album, The Sound of Scars. Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria, and it looks like we might be pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty as well. We continue our unbeaten streak with our Locks of the Week, and give you our picks for this coming weekend's games! Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, Amber Guyger got sentenced, we grade this week's deaths, and we give you your weekly favorites as well!

We curse less this week than on the Trump-Zelensky call, but more than Robert De Niro on CNN this weekend. We continue our hot streak with NFL Locks of the Week, discuss what celebrities passed away this week, and stand our ground against the sham that is the Amber Guygen murder trial. There's an upset in This Week In Racism, Spider Man is back in the MCU, and Brian is arguing with people on Facebook. Oh yeah, there's that whole impeachment thing too. Happy National Podcasting Day!

It's a battle of bad impersonations as we read the transcript of the Trump-Zelensky phone call. Do we take creative license with it? Maybe. Is it as factual as the copy the White House released? Definitely! Oh, and this may be more NSFW than our usual episodes. 

The whistleblower complaint is so hot right now, and Ron & Brian break it down along with the now-infamous Trump Ukraine phone call! The only thing more important that that are our NFL Locks of the Week, and we also talk about the end of Eli Manning's career and the beginning of Daniel Dimes! We review celebrity deaths, Ron fields a listener questions, and we discuss the Carson King beer money story. If you looking for drinks, racism, and beefs, we got those too!

It was a week of celebrity deaths and celebrity roasts, and, oh yeah, that whole Shane Gillis thing. Jean Cramer stood tall in This Week In Racism - is there a challenger that can rise up and knock her off her throne? We air some extremely First World beefs, kick back with some sour beers, and discuss if Trump is going to have us fight Saudi Arabia's war. Last week, you got to know Ron - now it's Brian's turn with the Get To Know Brian Lightning Round!

What a week! Hurricane Dorian made it's way to the US, Trump had his hands all over a weather map, and the Taliban had an invite to Camp David. Brian spoils The Notebook, the NFL season kicked off, and we've got our patented Locks of the Week! Anthony Jezelnik has a new talk show, we review celebrity deaths, and a special "Getting To Know Ron" Lightning Round. Your weekly favorites are here, and don't forget to subscribe to our Patreon so you can hear our post-show episode!

We discuss our Labor Day weekend celebrations, while most of the country was fixated on following Hurricane Dorian. Street justice was handed out this week, and if you ever wondered who would win if an SUV took on an electric bicycle...well, wonder no more. We talk about the week's Celebrity Deaths and the Conception diving boat tragedy, and all the weekly faves are here too! Want more content? Listen and find out about our special post-cast episode, exclusive to our Patreon subscribers!

A very special episode! We've got our most insane audio yet for This Week In Racism, Ron discusses the Jimmy John's boycott and his days as a Quiznos owner, and Brian gives a very special goodbye to David Koch. Brian also gives a rundown of the Cato Institute and Reason Foundation, Trump wants to nuke hurricanes, and we see who's made the cut for the next Democratic debates. Dave Chappelle has a new comedy special, and Ron & Brian break in their new Apple Card! There's only one word for this episode - nice!

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