Be bougie like Ron & Brian and grab a chocolate martini to enjoy this episode with! We catch up on the past week, with Brian hitting up both a Mets and Yankees game, and Ron seeing a live comedy show with the great Dave Hill! Oh yeah, and that Jeff Epstein guy died too, which has many asking the same question - can the world survive Brian singing a celebrity obituary for him? Ron reminisces about his Catholic School days and the sexual predator he just found out was there as well. All of these serious topics and your weekly favorites as well!

Ron is all 'roided up and ready to talk about the topics of the week! Mass shootings, climate change, medical conditions, and a whole bunch of celebrity deaths. Do we Grade Those Deaths? You're damn right we do! We've got your weekly favorites along with many, many tangents. We love this episode, and we hope you will too!

Joe 30330??

We try to decipher what the hell Joe Biden (and the rest of the field) were talking about at this week's Democratic Debates. Grade That Death is back, there was a mass shooting and a college admission scandal (sadly, not repeats of either), and try not to be disgusted with the Biological Resource Center. Did we mention that we now have a Patreon? Hell yeah, we do! Weekly favorites? Got those as well!

Prolific author Chuck Tingle released his first lesbian Tingler this week, and Brian has his exclusive review! We're still living off of the high of this past weekend's appearance at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival while we discuss the Mueller testimony, the Federal Death Penalty being brought back, and travel down the many rabbit holes that make up the Clinton Body Count. In addition to your weekly favorites, we also roll out our newest segment, Grade That Death!

It was a wild weekend, with Ron attending the Weird Al concert and Brian surviving the NYC Blackout! We've got a full set of Celebrity Obits (and a surprising slow jam), talk about the latest dumb online challenge. discuss the ongoing immigration and ICE situation, and have we mentioned that we'll be part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival this Saturday? Our Drink of the Week is less tasty than napalm in the morning, and your other weekly favorites are here too!

Jeff Epstein was arrested this week, and we wait to see who else he takes down with him. US Women's Soccer won the World Cup, but can they win the battle for equal pay? The UK Ambassador gave his two cents on Trump, Ross Perot passed away, and a lot of people got riled up over stupid things (shocking, we know). Looking for beefs, drinks, and racism? We got those too!

Brian started his Independence Day celebrating early with our Drink of the Week! Trump is taking over July 4th and the 2020 Census, we check the polls after the first Democratic debates, and we discuss Hunter Biden. We lost some athletes and celebrities this week, and Lee Iacocca gets one of Brian's famous Slow Jam obituaries! This Week In Racism is back, we talk about our beefs, and we review Brian's recent trip to Philly. Grab your own gin & juice and enjoy!

Night 1 of the Democratic Debates was as exciting as we could have hoped and we decirte nuestros pensamientos! Brian attended the Yankees Old Timers Game and survived the Lightning Round, as we discuss how horrible Alabama continues to be. Ron's got issues with Kickstarter, Brian is sober and on antibiotics, and This Week In Racism has another #1 seed! All this, and we say goodbye to celebrities we lost this week.

We learned this week not to cough in front of Trump or Ron - you've been warned! Our Horrible History looks back at Operation Wetback, our country's last mass deportation initiative. We lost Gloria Vanderbilt, but Brian wasn't at a loss at words for her Slow Jam Obituary! New York is issuing driver licenses to illegal immigrants, we follow up on what's going on in the Dominican Republic, and discuss Juneteenth and reparations. Looking for your weekly favorites? We got those too!

We lost two music legends this week - Dr. John and Bushwick Bill - but only one of them can get Brian's patented Slow Jam Obituary! We also release our latest soon-to-be-hit single, Fly Me To The Moon. Alabama approved chemical castration, the Dominican Republic isn't safe for visitors or natives, and we've got the first sentencing in the College Admissions Scandal! Jon Stewart took Congress to task, the world trolls Trump before his birthday, and we discuss the current field of Democratic Presidential Candidates before this month's debates. This Week In Racism gets a shakeup, Drink of the Week is roll-your-own, and beefs are aired. You can't stop the music, and you can't stop Ron & Brian!

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