Between the coronavirus and the Doomsday Clock moving closer to midnight, we're all pretty much screwed. Spend the precious few moments you have with Ron & Brian! We talk beer, racism, and beefs, while Jeff Bezos can't keep any of his phone info safe. Derek Jeter made the Hall of Fame - will Eli Manning do the same? We've got celebrity obituaries, as well as our NFL Super Bowl Pool! 

We give you an amazingly objective rundown on the Astros sign-stealing scandal! We also say goodbye to "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson, give you our NFL Locks of the Week for this weekend's championships games, and reveal our latest sponsor for Drink of the Week. Also, the nasty weather in the Northeast requires a trip to the Doppler 6900 Weather Center!

What a crazy week! Jeopardy is going to crown The Greatest of All Time, Meghan Markle & Price Harry are stepping away from the Royal Family, and we discuss everyone we lost this past week in Celebrity Obituaries. The Drink of the Week controversy gets deeper, we pick the winners of this weekend's NFL Divisional Round, as well as beefs and racism! Oh yeah, there's also that whole thing going on with Iran.

It's our first episode of 2020, and it's time to celebrate with the most contentious Drink of the Week yet! We review the stats for our new Death Pool, and we start of This Week In Racism 2020 with some horrible people. Papa John is slowly going crazy, we review Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and say farewell to Don Imus! Looking for those NFL Wild Card picks? We got those too!

The votes have been tallied and a champion has been crowned! Listen to find out the winner and recap those One Hate-Filled Moments of the year in racism. We give you our final NFL Locks of the Week before the playoffs, so bet hard! With 2020 just around the corner, we review our 2019 predictions and look into what the future is going to bring! Kevin Spacey released another creepy Christmas Eve video, and Pornhub has the ultimate Year in Review! JOI, anyone?

Brian's had yet another medical mishap, so Ron's flying solo! We've got the latest results from the Racist of the Year Tournament, and our Championship Match is now set! Last week's Patreon episode was so good that we're releasing it for everyone to hear - we talk about brain eating, penis degloving, TGIFriday stabbing, and a bunch of inseminations. The best way to help Brian heal is by listening!

Michael Vick is one of the honorary captains of the Pro Bowl, and people have a lot of feelings about it. We discuss it, and one of us keep a precarious position on the fence. Second round results are in for our Racist of the Year Tournament, and we have our Final Four! There was another mass shooting and way too many celebrity deaths. We drink, we beef, and we give you our sure-fire NFL Locks of the Week!

We had a wild first week in our Racist of the Year Tournament (sponsored by Obolon)! Find out who survived the first round, as we review the coming week's matchups. Ron got mixed up in the dirty underbelly of Philly politics, Biden got mixed up in finger-nibbling, and we discuss the Democrat's Impeachment Report. We air beefs, give our NFL Locks of the Week, and we both made it through The Irishman!

Previously unavailable to the public, it's our live show from this year's Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Recorded at Tattooed Mom on South Street, we have the audience choose our Drink of the Week, talk about weird news, answer listener questions, and we have a special appearance by fellow podcaster, Jack Billings! We also debut our new song, Who Are We Gonna Vote For?, which (sadly) is still relevant.

The season you've been waiting for is finally here - the 2019 Racist of the Year Tournament (sponsored by Obolon)! See who the Bracketology Committee picked as the worst individuals of the year, and then your votes decide who moves on! Ron & Brian took Manhattan by storm this weekend while seeing Dave Hill and Witch Taint. Michael Bloomberg entered the presidential race, Biden continues to put his foot in his mouth, Trump got involved in the Navy's business, and we discuss the Celebrity Obituaries of the week. Looking for NFL Locks of the Week, Drink of the Week, and Beef of the Week? We got those too!

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